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Mauke has many activities to offer for visitors who are looking for a relaxing holiday, but at the same time wishes to explore beautiful and untouched nature.

Mauke Activities

There are many caves located around the islands. While some of them are possible to visit on your own, you are recommended to use a local guide when visiting them. Tiare Holiday Cottages can provide you with a local guide.
The following caves are most popular:

Vai Tango (Water goes further) - located in the village Ngatiarua, it offers easy access to a crystal clear, cool and refreshing dip in the freshwater pool.

Motuanga, also known as “The cave of a hundred rooms”, is hidden deep in the thick makatea. It is a twenty minute walk past the end of a dirt road southwest of the old airstrip. You are strongly recommended to use a local guide to explore the cave, and Tiare Holiday Cottages can arrange your visit to the cave. Exploring the rooms requires a sense of adventure and a willingness to get wet and dirty while crawling into the cave and through the rooms. There are supposedly one hundred rooms in the cave, but no one has gotten all the way.

- An easier cave to reach is Moti, which is near the trailhead to Motuanga. This large open cave is easily reached by crawling down vines.

- On the north side are three other water caves, Vai Ou, Vai Totoro and Vai Potera. You are strongly recommended to use a guide to take you to the caves.

Cave Visits

Near the junction of Ngatiarua village on the central area and Areora village on the northeast coast is the huge Zion church which is Mauke's largest and most idiosyncratic structure. The Maukeans call it the 'divided church' because it was built as a place of worship to be shared between two villages. The pulpit is in the centre of the huge nave and the congregation sits on whichever side has been designated for them. At the front of the pulpit, which is in a low railed enclosure, are embedded eight silver Chilean coins a one silver Peruvian coin, which were common currency in the central Pacific in the nineteenth century. Often referred to wrongly as Chilean dollars, there are eight Chilean pesos dated between 1870 and 1881. The ninth coin is a silver Peruvian coin named 'sol' with the inscription: 'Firme y Feliz por la Union', state motto from Peru

The Divided Church

Probably the best way to explore Mauke is by rented bicycle. The coral roads are deserted and peaceful. A day spent cycling slowly round the circumferential road is an absolute delight. The road curves gently through the coconut palms and hardwood trees. Every so often a small, sandy beach comes in sight bordered by rocky outcrops

The island is about 17 kilometers around and you can tour the island on a push bike or motor bike at your leisure. Tiare Holiday Cottages can arrange a tour guide if you wish.

Among the things to see around the island:

· The divided church

· White sand beaches

· Caves

· Stunning makatea formations

· Beautiful coastline views

· Maire bushes

Tour Around the Island

The reef comes right up to the shore, so there’s no coastal lagoon for swimming. There are very nice white sand beaches, however, mostly around the west and south of the island.

Because of relatively low number of visitors compared to islands like Rarotonga and Aitutaki, it is easy to find your own beach where you can enjoy the sun and the relaxed island pace.

The best spots for a dip are the bathtub beaches, holes in the fringing reef the size of a large hot tub, and sea caves, hollowed-out depressions in the coastal cliffs.

Traveling around the island you can make stops at the beautiful beaches at Tukume and Te Oneroa.

Near the southern tip of the island you can visit Anaraura (many caves), the location for many sea caves and Nixon’s Beach (when you stand on the beach and view the rock outcrops, you know where the name comes from).

Just outside the reef, the sea floor drops off quickly and Mauke is am excellent place to enjoy deep sea fishing. Fish species includes tuna and dolphinfish. Mauke Holiday Cottages can arrange fishing tours upon request.


Enjoy the Beaches and Sea Caves