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Tiare Holiday Cottages


O’Kiva Cottage

Built in 2007, this unit offers the best guest accommodation on Mauke. The unit is constructed from local materials and offer a beautiful hardwood floor. The unit also has a modern solar water heater, offering warm water basically all day and night. The unit has a custom tile shower.
The kitchen equipment includes a refrigerator and microwave oven.
The unit is located only a few meters from O’Kiva Point, a covered platform coastal lookout point that offers Mauke’s best views of the sunset.

Cost per night: NZ$135 (single or double)

We offer the following accommodation alternatives

Garden units


We offer two semi-detached studio units, both with a kitchenette.
The units are equipped with solar water heater.

Cost per night: NZ$70 (single) / NZ$75 (double)

We also offer Rupe, a garden unit with a fully equipped kitchen (including fridge, microwave oven and two boiler plates)

The unit also has a verandah with beautiful garden views.

The unit can be converted into a family unit to sleep up to four quests.

The unit has solar heated water.

Cost per night: NZ$75 (single) / NZ$85 (double)



We offer fresh fruit for breakfast and can also provide dinner upon request. Please contact us for details on meal costs.

O’Kiva pictures: